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Importance of good team communication

Poor communication is the cause of many problems, resulting in mistakes, confused objectives, conflict and lost opportunities. That's why it's imperative to get your team working together on one line, making optimal use of the qualities of each colleague. Developing the communication skills of employees will ultimatly determine the success of the company, after all,  there's no company without employees! Establishing good relationships within the team will also enhance creative thinking, problem solving and leadership skills. A positive workplace means happier and more productive employees!
Team building - that works

Team building... that works!

What makes Magic In Business different from other team building activities? FUN! People are attracted to things that cannot be explained logically, magic conjures up images of laughter and connecting with other people. There is no other performing art with the purpose of achieving the impossible. When you watch something that you know should be impossible, it breaks down your perception of reality. The participants will be given the oportunity to make the impossible, possible createing an effective way of thinking that can be applied to many tasks and challenges. They will be surprised by their own capabilities! The result of the workshop aims to engage, inspire and promote a positive atmosphere, encouraging confidence, direction and vision.

Magic In Business team building workshop is fun, interactive, and actually gives a positive boost. In addition, the participants will put their communication skills to the test in a hilarious but positive way, and the ingenuity and creativity of colleagues will be reveald! This unique and powerful mix of content, illusions, interactive experiments, humor, eye-opening films and an inspiring story, ensure an unforgettable workshop to remember!

Magic is necessary in a healthy, strong and innovative company. This requires vision, communication and a motivated team! Jasper can help with Magic in Business.

Read some of our reviews from happy clients

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“We’ve had 2 magical days of team building and I’ve heard nothing but extremely positive feedback on the entire event, we couldn’t be happier with the way it all went! So thank you Jasper for sharing with us your passion and for having created MAGIC at Nespresso!”

Lara Courcelle

  • "Jasper gave my project leaders an initial boost in learning to change. Through his enthusiasm and his quick understanding of the problem, it was a successful afternoon with lots of interaction, surprise and great fun. Jasper, Thanks! "

    Patricia van Unen

  • "Jasper, thanks for your energetic performance! The interactive exercises have certainly contributed to a good synergy within our team!"

    Ton van Setten

  • Team building trainer - Jasper van Luit

    A bit about me...

    My name is Jasper van Luit and I am a communication expert, illusionist, team trainer and an enthusiastic speaker! With my vision as an illusionist and surprising insights as a communication graduate I offer solutions for challenges that your team and organization have to deal with in this ever-changing market and society. This effective and especially fun way of team building provides an energetic boost and adds a little magic to the company... I gladly help with that!

    Biography - Jasper van Luit

    Magic in Business was initiated by Jasper van Luit. Jasper won the Dutch Championships of Magic, and has been a successful professional magical entertainer and inspirational speaker for 25 years. Jasper has performed in some of the world’s most prestigious theatres and televisions shows. A few of these include: The World's Greatest Magic Show in Las Vegas , The Magic Castle in Hollywood , Just for Laughs TV show in Montreal , The Comedy and Magic Club with Chris Rock and Jay Leno (Tonight Show) in Hermosa Beach LA. Jasper also performed for Prince Albert and Princess Stephanie of Monaco in the show "Monte Carlo Magic Stars!"

    Jasper van Luit has over 15 years experience in providing workshops and presentations for many organizations and companies. While studying communication, Jasper developed his workshops where his views on magic could be integrated into the corporate world. He uses magic as a tool to tackle various challenges.

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    20 - 120 minutes

    "Jasper doesn't just bring an inspirational show where the audience is just watching, but participates and is sucked in by his enthusiasm. He knows exactly how to link his performance to deeper messages that connect to themes that exist within an organization!"

    Abena – Rob Basjes – Managing Director

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    Over 15 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers! I am a devoted, committed and enthusiastic speaker and trainer.

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