Booking a speaker for an event

Booking a speaker 

for your event?

Jasper van Luit - speaker, trainer & illusionist

Booking a speaker

Booking a speaker

You may be wondering why so many leading company’s such as ING, WWF, ADYEN and Ahold and so many others have chosen to have Magic In Business at their events… well, that’s just it, its magic!

Magic is something that has intrigued people for centuries, but have you ever considered how magic is related to business? 

Successful leaders, like magicians, know the importance of preparation. This process starts with envisioning the outcome you ultimately want to achieve. Staying one step ahead of the spectator is a fundamental rule in magic… and in business!

Magic In Business will help your message to resonate with an engaging presentation, so the message, not just the magic, will have the greatest impact!

Connecting, inspiring and thinking bigger!

With over 15 years experience, I’ve had the pleasure to speak at hundreds of events and conferences, and provide training and workshops for many of the worlds leading companies. Sharing my insights and inspiring is my passion, combining my knowledge as a communications graduate and 25 years as an international illusionist I’ve created a unique and exciting program. Understanding how important change and evolution are to success, and the issues and challenges that are present in today’s market, it’s vital to be one step ahead.

Through sharing my vision from a magician’s perspective, a creative approach to problem solving will be encouraged, forming essential skills in creating adaptable teams. Solving magic tricks stimulates team work and good communication, which can later be utilised in the workplace, inspiring and promoting a positive atmosphere and encouraging confidence. Potentially boring subjects become light hearted and fun and a new take on issues such as willingness to change will be seen from a new angle. It is always exciting to aim for the highest possible goal and standard and have fun while achieving it.

My intention is not to deceive, but to invite and include the audience, creating an interactive, hands on experience! I illustrate my words with magic so it is not only interesting to hear, but also captivating to watch. Whether there are 5 or 5000 people my goal is to reach each person, and together create the impossible!

Magic is necessary in a healthy, strong and innovative company. This requires vision, communication and a motivated team.

"Thank you for your great presentation, you've exceeded our expectations!"


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Jasper van Luit is an inspiring speaker and brings an exciting eye-opening experience!


Jasper van Luit offers a motivating and energetic team building workshop and team training

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